dorihbutler (dorihbutler) wrote,

Best kid review of one of my books I've read in a long time.

Every now and then I'm reminded that I have written other books besides The Buddy Files...and My Mom's Having a Baby.

I don't want to name the reviewer (and no, I don't know husband came across the review while reading what people are saying about My Mom's Having a Baby), so I'll just call him K. Here's K's review (published here exactly as he wrote it) of Tank Talbott's Guide to Girls:

"This is a book to help boys to not be wird in front of girls. I anestly think it will help the boys. There is 1 hing that I found out and I asked a girl and she said that that thing was grose. So if you are a boy and you need tips please read this book. If you are a girl you can still read this book because there is a secshon that is for girls. You can get this book at Southside Librarey."

Thank you for giving me a smile today, K. I don't know if you meant that seriously or tongue-in-cheek; I'm hoping for tongue-in-cheek, because if you're really taking advice from TANK on girls, well...I'm afraid you won't be having much of a love life.

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